Internet access a daily crisis for too many in Flamborough

It’s an honour to write my first column as your member of Parliament-elect for Flamborough-Glanbrook.

Having grown up in Copetown and now living near Lynden with my wife Tracy and our two dogs, this has always been home. We’re blessed to live in this area. The fall colours and our farmers, now busy harvesting fields of corn, remind us of our abundance.

There are many serious issues facing Canadians: the housing crisis, inflation, the environment, the struggles of small businesses, reconciliation with Indigenous communities, seniors, mental health and more. The federal government needs to get fully back to work as soon as possible. The prime minister needs to recall Parliament immediately, not wait until Nov. 22.

While I’m not scheduled to be sworn-in by the House of Commons until the first week of November, we are monitoring our phone lines of 365-833-2500 and 905-648-3850 and our new email of We are also working with other MPs to help you with any federal matters requiring support until the transition is complete.

Please allow me to address just two of the urgent issues this time. I look forward to tackling all the serious issues outlined in the months ahead.

With Canada’s inflation rate coming in at over 4.4 per cent in September — the highest in almost two decades — daily life is increasingly unaffordable. This impacts everyone, especially those living on a fixed income.

We’ve all seen the price of groceries, gas and household goods skyrocket. At the same time, the dream of owning a home is now out of reach for far too many young and new Canadians. All parties put forward ideas to address the housing crisis in the recent election; now is the time for action.

Similarly, internet connectivity is a daily crisis for too many in Flamborough. For school, work and life, reliable internet is a necessity, not a luxury.

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