2023 Year In Review

As I look back at 2023, it remains my honour to serve and advocate for
the people and communities that make up Flambrough-Glanbrook.  We know all too well the pain and uncertainty people are facing as they are being squeezed past what they can bear. Which is why common sense Conservatives continue to fight for what Canadians need, introduce legislation that makes sense, and hold the Trudeau Liberals to account.

Of the many measures Conservatives put forward this year some included a motion to pause the quadrupling of the carbon tax until 2025, so Canadians can decide if this is what they want through an election.  There were multiple Bills put forward to support farmers, including C-280 which I was proud to be one of the seconders, because it protects fresh fruit and vegetable producers from being charged for spoilage, which passed the House of Commons.

Conservatives also passed Bill C-234, that removes the carbon tax for farmers heating their barns and from certain farming equipment, which would also help bring down the cost of the food we buy.  However, Conservatives are still fighting to get it through the Senate and into law as Trudeau-appointed Senators gut it. And, after nearly 3 years of Conservative-lead efforts and pushing, the 9-8-8 suicide prevention hotline was finally implemented.

Earlier this year, my team and I also ran a significant info & action campaign to help get rural high-speed internet development moving in our communities, as rural Hamilton was getting left behind. I’m proud to say that in part thanks to our collective voices and efforts, a significant, new Universal Broadbant Fund project was announced in the summer and slated to bring us up to speed by 2025.  But perhaps more than anything else, it is that I’ve gotten to connect with so many of the people that make this riding such a wonderful place to live, work, and grow – from the many Constituency Clinics in both the Spring and Summer, attending many Canada Day events,
all three Fall Fairs, countless community and cultural events.

I know that inflation, interest rates, and the out-of-control cost of living has far too many in our communities very worried.  In 2024, I will continue
to focus on affordability, the economy, and housing.  Canada is blessed with many advantages to succeed, we are not under the current Liberal government.  Myself and Conservatives are focused on unleashing that potential for all Canadians.

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