It’s not enough that Canadians are sick of ArriveCAN, Americans are too!

Since its inception, the ArriveCAN app – introduced in the early days of the pandemic for a whopping $25 million in development costs – has been plagued by problems and criticism.

It’s a roadblock to any travelling citizen without a smartphone or laptop, redundant to proof of vaccination, and even has mistakenly told people to quarantine after travelling. Global News also reported that it took the government 12 days to notify travellers of the error.

As a Member of the Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities and the Official Opposition, our team’s job is to question, critique, and apply pressure to the Liberal government on these failures.

For months now we have been calling on the government to scrap the ArriveCAN app. Our position is supported both by experts and thousands of angry citizens.

But that was all within our borders. Now Americans are upset too.

Recently both Democrat and Republican representatives called on the Liberal government to do away with ArriveCAN. That’s right! It’s gotten so bad there is bi-partisan U.S. support to scrap the app.

Unfortunately, all our concerns are falling on deaf ears or dismissed as isolated issues only affecting 0.7% of weekly users. That still equates to over 10,000 people – not an insignificant statistic.

Which leads to the latest debacle.

As the National Post reported on September 7, marathon runners from the U.S. whose closed course crosses into Windsor for approximately 20 minutes will have to have an ArriveCAN receipt to get in the country. That will surely be one of the strangest and most frustrating sights a marathon has ever endured.

Maybe with enough of these ridiculous stories hitting the media and being raised in our Committee meetings, the Liberals will finally let this failed program be disqualified.

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