Good things grow in Flamborough and Glanbrook. Support local farmers, buy local produce.

Farmers and farm families are amazing people. They grapple with weather, markets, weeds, pests, taxes and red tape among the many challenges they face in any growing year.

Yet they love the land, are passionate about farming, and couldn’t imagine any other life.

This time of year we’re reminded daily that Flamborough and Glanbrook have dozens of farm markets, pick-your-own operations, roadside stands — in addition to larger markets like Waterdown Farmer’s Market each Saturday. Their products are fresh, great quality, healthy and usually more economical than grocery store produce.  Add in homemade pies, baked goods, cheeses, meats, ciders and jams. What’s not to like?!

I encourage you to support our local produce growers by shopping at local markets and picking your own berries now or apples this fall. Also watch my Facebook and Instagram pages where we will be featuring as many local markets as we can.

As well as produce, our local growers also raise beef, hogs, dairy, poultry, eggs, greenhouse crops like cucumbers, mushrooms, potatoes, trees and shrubs, flowers and more. Include field crops like corn, soybeans and wheat destined for feed or processing and we have it all here.

Conservatives are always working to help our farmers and growers in Parliament.

That’s why we introduced and passed Bill C-234 through the House of Commons back in March to give farmers a break on the carbon tax on farm fuels. It was a Private Member’s Bill, from my colleague Ben Lobb of Huron-Bruce, which reintroduced a Bill that had passed the House of Commons back in 2021 but died when Trudeau called an unnecessary election that summer.  

The Bill currently awaits Committee review and Third Reading in the Liberal Senate. I hope it is passed quickly in September so Flamborough farmers can get some much needed relief this harvest and winter. Plus, with the average Canadian farmer paying $150,000 in carbon tax, this will help ease grocery inflation too.

We also spoke out on the punishing fertilizer tariffs, fertilizer mandates and on the ongoing supply chain issues. I’m on the Transport Committee where these issues at our ports and  on our railways are front and centre. The world wants more of the food Canada’s farmers grow. We’re blessed to have such abundance in our backyard. Enjoy!

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